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Smart Fleet Management with the Boxchip S900B

Boxchip PoC network radio S900B Plus comes with the latest design & loud audio speaker which won’t distract your workforce & help workers to focus on the tasks. Elegantly simple superior audio.

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The mission critical DMR & PTT S900B Plus network radio communicate instantly with rugged devices & multi-applications, which improve working safety, efficiency & productivity. Boxchip S900B Plus is highly suitable for heavy industries such as mining, refinery, oil& gas.

You and your team/team members can connect anytime anywhere with multiple tasks with our Boxchip S900B Plus 4G LTE push-to-talk network radio. It is a very useful radio in every environment.

Boxchip S900B Plus has dedicated noise cancellation technology & loudspeaker, it adjusts to any working atmosphere & distributes high productivity to your mobile workforce

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