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How to install RFinder ROM on the Boxchip S700A

It is apparently possible to install the rfinder rom on the boxchip s700a. I wouldn’t recommend this as it would invalidate your warranty. So this is just for education. But if you choose to install the custom firmware rom, your doing at your own risk.
It is interesting that it’s possible to install the rfinder rom on a boxchip and it would save a fortune by doing so, but I’d advise against doing as if you do not flash the rom correctly, you will brick the boxchip s700a.
So once again, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!
by Billy Jones (from Boxchip User Group)

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Smart Fleet Management with the Boxchip S900B

Boxchip PoC network radio S900B Plus comes with the latest design & loud audio speaker which won’t distract your workforce & help workers to focus on the tasks. Elegantly simple superior audio.

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The mission critical DMR & PTT S900B Plus network radio communicate instantly with rugged devices & multi-applications, which improve working safety, efficiency & productivity. Boxchip S900B Plus is highly suitable for heavy industries such as mining, refinery, oil& gas.

You and your team/team members can connect anytime anywhere with multiple tasks with our Boxchip S900B Plus 4G LTE push-to-talk network radio. It is a very useful radio in every environment.

Boxchip S900B Plus has dedicated noise cancellation technology & loudspeaker, it adjusts to any working atmosphere & distributes high productivity to your mobile workforce

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Boxchip Sentinel A1 Pro

With easy-to-read maps, an external antenna, the Sentinel A1 Pro PTT radio phone supports your team to communicate, work, & act as a team when team members are in different places even remote areas.

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Boxchip Sentinel A1 Pro push-to-talk network radio comes with instant individual/group communication, multi-applications, and smart dispatch management. Also, Sentinel A1-Pro is friendly with dedicated PTT platforms to deliver efficiency and productivity.

Boxchip Sentinel A1 Pro is our latest android based push-to-talk network radio phone with many advanced functionalities such as a speaker, anti-glare screen, external antenna & professional interfaces. It is best for communication & operation needs in public transport, logistics, school buses, trucks, indoor dispatching, and mining.